VFR and IFR Certifications

A VFR certification basically consists of certifying the aircraft transponder (mode A/C or mode.  A VFR certification is required every two years. The VFR certification should take less than thirty minutes and we can complete it while you wait when scheduled in advance.

IFR Certifications

The IFR certification consist of testing the aircraft static system, transponder, and certifying the altimeter and encoder. The IFR certification is required every two years. Since the altimeter and encoder must be removed from the aircraft to be recertified, the IFR certification normally requires about three to four hours to complete. For your convenience, it’s best if you schedule your IFR certifications as far in advance as possible.

RVSM Certification

You can take our RVSM course in as little as an hour. Our goal is to make your learning clear, simple and fun. Our students tell us that they had more fun and learned and remembered more than they did from day-long courses that cost several times the price of our course.